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Tag: international depositions

The Definitive FAQ for Taking U.S. Depositions Abroad Part I (Updated 2018)

Ian Hardy / October 12, 2018

Optima Juris has over 18 years of experience organizing depositions in foreign countries for U.S. attorneys and law firms. As the only American agency exclusively dedicated to providing deposition services abroad, we have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions we receive from our clients. So, please read on, enjoy, and should you […]

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Case Study: Client Needs to Arrange a Depo in Osaka, Help!

Case Study: Client Needs to Arrange a Deposition in Osaka, Help!

Karen Fahr / September 1, 2017

Preparing for a deposition in Japan may feel like a daunting task, considering that the guidelines are strict and requires those traveling into the country apply for a special deposition visa. But, have no fear with our experts at hand 24/7 we can assist you through the entire process from start to finish. Here at […]

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Case Study: Legal Videographer Needed in London, England Stat

Case Study: Legal Videographer Needed in London, England Stat

Karen Fahr / August 23, 2017

Scheduling a deposition abroad can often have a lot of moving parts. Things like time difference, personnel availability, and time constrains all play a vital role in the success of your depo. That’s why Optima Juris is often enlisted by court reporting agencies and law firms to help set up depositions abroad. In our recent […]

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Recap: BIVR Awareness Weekend in London

Karen Fahr / August 2, 2017

The 2017 BIVR Awareness Weekend was a huge success! Kimberlee Castro, CSR and Optima Juris’ Director of Scheduling, covered the entire event with real-time updates, pictures, and videos, as events were happening.  In case you missed Kimberlee’s extensive live coverage here is a recap of the BIVR Awareness Weekend’s presentations and outings. Day One: A Lesson in Legal London History – from […]

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Ultimate Guide to Depositions in England

Your Ultimate Guide to Depositions in England (Infographic)

Karen Fahr / July 18, 2017

No need to ‘catch flies’ when your boss asks you to set up a deposition in England. We have you covered! England is one of the most popular locations to schedule an international deposition and we created the ultimate cheat sheet to help you through the process. In our latest infographic, you will find easy-to-follow […]

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Optima Juris is Headed to London to Bring You Live, Exclusive Coverage of the BIVR Awareness Weekend 2017 June 28-31

Optima Juris is Headed to London to Bring You Live, Exclusive Coverage of the BIVR Awareness Weekend 2017 July 28-31

Karen Fahr / July 12, 2017

Tune in as Optima Juris and legal professionals from around the globe descend onto London, England to participate in the 4-day jam-packed event. Kimberlee Castro, CSR and Optima Juris’ Director of Scheduling, is packing her bags and hopping across the pond for the 2nd annual BIVR Awareness Week, hosted by the British Institute of Verbatim […]

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Caribbean Depositions

Your Guide to Depositions in the Caribbean (Updated 2017)

Karen Fahr / June 22, 2017

The Caribbean is a frequent location for U.S depositions, particularly on islands with extensive offshore banking industries. Taking depositions in the Caribbean is a relatively easy process with fewer restrictions than in many other regions. As an added bonus, Optima Juris has local, English-speaking court reporters throughout the Caribbean, so you save big on travel […]

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Optima Juris at work in Hong Kong Case Study

Optima Juris at Work in Hong Kong [Case Study]

Karen Fahr / June 20, 2017

Every international deposition has its own unique challenges and there is nothing we love more than a challenge. For the past 17 years Optima Juris has been the first and only U.S. firm exclusively dedicated to providing deposition services outside of the U.S. You can say we have pretty much seen and done it all. […]

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Brexit not expected to affect US depositions in the United Kingdom

Brexit Not Expected to Affect US Depositions in the United Kingdom

Karen Fahr / June 27, 2016

Just days after Britain voted to leave the European Union and shocked the world, the Brexit vote continues to create havoc on global markets as the value of the pound tumbled. The Bank for International Settlements said there is likely to be a “period of uncertainty and adjustment” in the aftermath of Britain’s decision to […]

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a day in the life of an international court reporter

Day in the Life of an International Court Reporter

Karen Fahr / February 23, 2016

A typical day for an international court reporter is anything but average. To celebrate the 2016 National Court Reporting and Captioning Week, we asked Walter Chiriboga, our exclusive local court reporter based in Mexico, to give us a peek inside his day. An Assignment Comes In Once I am contacted for a possible deposition taking […]

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Swearing in a Witness Abroad

Infographic: 5 Tips for Swearing In a Witness Abroad

Karen Fahr / February 17, 2016

Have a witness you need to depose in a foreign country? Wondering how you can administer the oath correctly? There are a number of possible solutions available for swearing in a witness outside of the U.S. Our quick and easy infographic provides some practical suggestions based on our extensive experience scheduling depositions abroad. Need More? […]

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3 Key Factors for a Successful Deposition in Germany

Infographic: 3 Key Factors for a Successful Deposition in Germany

Catherine Beeny / September 2, 2015

Planning a deposition in Germany can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With all the rules and regulations it is easy to get lost in the mix. But have no fear! At Optima Juris we have been successfully organizing depositions in Germany for the past 15 years and we know what it takes to make a […]

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Obtaining Discovery Abroad with Virtual Presence Technology

Obtaining Discovery Abroad with Virtual Presence Technology

Karen Fahr / August 21, 2015

Technology is all around us – connecting us closer to the world than ever before. In recent years, the use of teleconferencing technology to depose a foreign witness has become a smart financial choice to offset rising legal business travel expenses. Of course, nothing beats physically being present; and thanks to videoconferencing advancements and high-bandwidth […]

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Tipping Etiquette for International Depositions

Tipping Etiquette for International Depositions

Catherine Beeny / August 14, 2015

Awareness about the tipping customs in foreign locales can come in handy, especially when traveling for an international deposition.  While it’s difficult to cover the tipping etiquette of all countries in a single post, here are some we think you’ll find useful when budgeting for your next international deposition. AFRICA MOROCCO At restaurants 10% is […]

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For Attorneys Top 7 International Golf Courses

For Attorneys: Top 7 International Golf Courses

Catherine Beeny / July 16, 2015

After a long day of international deposition proceedings, it’s great to rejuvenate mentally with one of life’s many pleasures, golfing. Hitting the links is not only a proven stress reliever, but playing in majestically landscaped courses can provide an experience to retune all your senses. With 15 years of providing international deposition services, we know […]

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