Case Study: Legal Videographer Needed in London, England Stat

Scheduling a deposition abroad can often have a lot of moving parts. Things like time difference, personnel availability, and time constrains all play a vital role in the success of your depo. That’s why Optima Juris is often enlisted by court reporting agencies and law firms to help set up depositions abroad. In our recent depo in London, England, we were under a tight timeline to get testimony back to our client, but thanks to our local knowledge and amazing network of personnel everything went off without a hitch.

London Calling

A U.S. court reporting agency in Houston has a special request: they need video from a deposition in London shot and delivered by Internet the same night, so that it will be ready for court the next day.

First, we set up and pre-tested one of our videoconferencing facilities in London with a high-speed Internet connection to allow our videographer to transfer the large video files. Our best London-based legal videographer was assigned to the case, and right after the deposition he was able to upload everything flawlessly. The testimony was playing on screens in the Houston courtroom just a few hours later.
Need to schedule a legal videographer or court reporter in England? Our locally-based legal videographers and court reporters in London specialize in U.S. depositions, international hearings, and arbitrations.

About Optima Juris

Optima Juris is the only U.S. agency exclusively dedicated to international depositions. We have been helping law offices across the globe find the highest-quality certified court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters for over 17 years. If you should have any questions about international depositions, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out a free quote to see how we can make your international deposition a complete success.
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