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International Deposition How-to Videos

We are here for you! Our how-to videos will explain what you need to know to schedule your international deposition.

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We are here for you in these uncertain times

Optima Juris is committed to supporting you and your firm during these difficult time. We offer reliable, no-travel remote deposition services to meet your international depo needs. Give us a call and we'll walk you through all your options.

How to swear in a witness abroad

Ian Hardy, CEO and President of Optima Juris, discusses essential tips and know-how to correctly administer the oath during an international deposition.

Helping Legal Offices Organize a Deposition outside the United States

Director of Marketing, Catherine Beeny introduces you to our essential international deposition guides.

Quick Tips on How to Organize a Deposition in Canada

Kimberlee Castro, CSR, Director of Scheduling and Global Deposition Expert, provides a few tips on how to conduct a U.S. deposition in Canada.

First Steps to Setting Up a Deposition Outside the United States

What is the first step o consider when setting up a deposition outside the U.S.? Find out with Optima Juris founder, Ian Hardy.

International Deposition Tip Series

Our team shares insider tips, advice, and information on organizing international deposition.

  • Taking a deposition in Frankfurt, Germany
  • Quick Tips Before Planning a Deposition in France
  • Taking a Deposition in Dublin, Ireland
  • Taking a deposition in Auckland or Wellington New Zealand
  • Deposition in Seoul, South Korea
  • Taking a deposition in Amsterdam - Netherlands
  • Taking a deposition in London - United Kingdom
  • How to prepare for a deposition in Japan

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Success Stories

When it comes to international depositions, we have seen and done it all. Check out just a few of the depositions we have already successfully arranged around the world.

  • Optima Juris at Work: Help! We need to schedule a deposition in Belgium
  • Optima Juris Success Story - Scheduling a Deposition in Thailand
  • Optima Juris Success Story: Setting up a deposition in France
  • Case Study- What happens when you mix a deposition in India and a volcano erupting in Iceland?
  • Case Study: Scheduling a deposition in Seoul, South Korea
  • Case Study: U.S. attorneys need help setting up a deposition in Hong Kong

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