Optima Juris is Headed to London to Bring You Live, Exclusive Coverage of the BIVR Awareness Weekend 2017 July 28-31

Tune in as Optima Juris and legal professionals from around the globe descend onto London, England to participate in the 4-day jam-packed event.

Kimberlee Castro, CSR and Optima Juris’ Director of Scheduling, is packing her bags and hopping across the pond for the 2nd annual BIVR Awareness Week, hosted by the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters. Kimberlee will not only be attending the many event programs and presentations in London, but she will be also be posting real-time updates, pictures, and videos, as the events happen on Optima Juris’ social media channels.
“I’m thrilled to be attending the 2nd annual BIVR Awareness Weekend. It’s a great opportunity to support and spotlight the court reporting profession,” stated Kimberlee Castro. “It’s going to be a blast to see all our local court reporters and I look forward to sharing all the live coverage of the BIVR Awareness Weekend with our fans and followers. Stay tuned!”

Some highlights that you may get to see live include:

  • a walking tour of Legal London and the Inns of Court
  • a Friday night soiree in the pub which stands atop the tunnels and vaults of the old Bank of England where dastardly deeds were once committed below ground
  • presentations/speeches from some big names in the business
    cruising up and down the River Thames whilst partaking in a very British afternoon tea
  • the London Exposition at the prestigious Law Society on Monday, July 31

Optima Juris President and CEO Ian Hardy comments, “We have been a longtime supporter and participant of the BIVR, and we are honored to be a part of their rich history to encourage continuous professional development and advancement of students and veteran court reporters throughout the United Kingdom.”

What is the BIVR?

The British Institute of Verbatim Reporters is the leading organization for verbatim reporters in the UK. BIVR members work in many spheres of the law such as the High Court, Crown Courts, tribunals, and inquiries. They write machine shorthand using Stenograph, a variety of Palantype system machines, or Pitman handwritten shorthand.
BIVR members work with deaf and deafened people as Speech-to-Text communication supporters. BIVR encourages real-time skills which are used extensively in complex cases. Television subtitling is also carried out by some of their members. BIVR has a long and rich history. It is the successor organization to the Institute of Shorthand Writers, incorporated as long ago as 1887.

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