Obtaining Discovery Abroad with Virtual Presence Technology

Technology is all around us – connecting us closer to the world than ever before. In recent years, the use of teleconferencing technology to depose a foreign witness has become a smart financial choice to offset rising legal business travel expenses.
Of course, nothing beats physically being present; and thanks to videoconferencing advancements and high-bandwidth connectivity around the planet, these technologies are changing the way we communicate – literally.
Virtual Presence is an immersive video environment that creates a realistic face-to-face meeting experience. The image on the video screen appears in high-definition and life-size due to very high-bandwidth systems. These unique virtual presence experiences are completely inviting allowing for better communication with your far-end participants.
Some virtual presence rooms have each remote participant seated at the table on human-sized screens around you, as if they were actually there. Though, Virtual Presence is only available in a few large cities, such as London, New York, and Mumbai, it is catching on fast and will soon be the de-facto approach to videoconferencing.
If you are looking to avoid expensive travel for an upcoming international deposition, Virtual Presence or videoconferencing may have the benefits your legal team is searching for.

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Optima Juris regularly provides videoconference and virtual presence facilities in hundreds of countries worldwide. We have the largest international network in the industry and are the go-to source for all deposition videoconferencing needs. Our network of local court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters can also help assist with international depos in any country.  Please feel free to contact us at any time at: depos@optimajuris.com, or fill out a free request quote for more information at: http://www.optimajuris.com/quote/

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