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Author: Catherine Beeny

ICC & SIAC granted arbitration status in Russia

ICC & SIAC Are Granted Permanent Arbitral Institution (PAI) in Russia

Catherine Beeny / October 12, 2021

On 18 May 2021, the International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and the Singapore International Arbitration Centre (SIAC) were granted the status of permanent arbitral institution (PAI) by the Russian Ministry of Justice. As PAIs, the ICC and SIAC now join the Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre (HKIAC) and Vienna International…

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arbitration services around the world

6 Successful Arbitration Stories From Around the World

Catherine Beeny / May 25, 2021

Stenographers play an important role in international arbitrations by creating an accurate transcript of the proceedings. Transcripts can be used to clear up misunderstandings on the exact agreement reached and protect from further lawsuits. Optima Juris has had the privilege of providing amazing stenographers and interpreters on many important international arbitration hearings. Realtime Spanish-Language Stenographer…

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Zoom Security Best Practices for Remote Depositions

Zoom Security Best Practices for Remote Depositions

Catherine Beeny / April 22, 2020

As travel restrictions continue due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the video conferencing platform Zoom has become a huge factor in our ability to conduct international depositions remotely. After security issues were exposed, Zoom responded with numerous enhanced features designed to effectively prevent disruptions and provide secure communication across their platform. Here is what you can…

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COVID questions, answered

Your  COVID-19  questions, answered. We’re here and ready to help!

Catherine Beeny / March 24, 2020

At Optima Juris, our top priority is the health, safety, and well-being of our clients and employees. We understand the concern and uncertainty everyone is experiencing around the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, and we wanted to let you know that we are here for you and can make your international deposition happen in the safest possible way,…

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court reporting germany, deposition services germany

Conducting a Depo or Arbitration in Germany Just Got Easier Thanks to Optima Juris’ Exclusive Partnership with a U.S. Court Reporter based in Germany

Catherine Beeny / March 3, 2020

We are so pleased to announce the addition of our exclusive partnership with Adrianell Poteet Sorrels, a certified U.S. court reporter based in Germany. For our clients this partnership means the same amazing service, insider-knowledge, and expertise for depositions and arbitrations throughout Europe, but with a more cost-effective solution. In keeping with Optima Juris’ strict…

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court reporting firm; world depositions

Live Coverage of the NCRA Convention & Expo

Catherine Beeny / August 8, 2019

We are getting ready to have some fun, learn about new services and products, see old friends, and get inspired. Optima Juris is headed to the NCRA Convention & Expo August 15-18 in Denver, Colorado. You don’t have to be at the convention to be a part of the action. Optima Juris will be bringing…

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Our Birthday Countdown Has Begun

Catherine Beeny / September 5, 2018

Optima Juris is turning 18 on September 28!  That means 18 years of being the first and only firm exclusively dedicated to setting up international depositions around the world. To celebrate, we are starting a birthday countdown on Monday for everyone to enjoy.  Each day we will have a new video, trivia, entertaining fact, or…

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The only guide you need for setting up a depo in the Netherlands

Catherine Beeny / July 13, 2018

Need to set up a deposition in the Netherlands? Look no further!   The International Depo Guide for the Netherlands is a 6-page PDF that covers frequently asked questions, tips on how to swear in a witness abroad, best options for deposing a witness remotely, a user-friendly checklist, and travel tips. Optima Juris’ International Deposition…

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Guide to Scheduling a Court Reporter in the Netherlands – Infographic

Catherine Beeny / June 20, 2018

Scheduling a court reporter in the Netherlands for a US deposition is a straightforward process. However, we have a few pointers to help streamline the process. Check out our latest infographic with our top six tips you should know before scheduling a deposition in the Netherlands. Hiring Court Reporters in the Netherlands 1. Are there…

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Guide To Hiring Court Reporters in Australia

Everything you need for setting up a depo in Australia

Catherine Beeny / June 13, 2018

We have the perfect tool for legal professionals looking to set up a deposition in Australia. The International Depo Guide for Australia covers frequently asked questions, tips on how to swear in a witness abroad, best options for deposing a witness remotely, a user-friendly checklist, and travel tips. Optima Juris’ International Deposition Guide for Australia…

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Deposition Guide Scheduling Court Reporters Germany

Attorneys, Legal Secretaries and Paralegals Rejoice: Optima Juris Releases ‘International Depo Guide: How to Schedule a Deposition in Germany’

Catherine Beeny / February 21, 2018

This is the first PDF in a series of country-specific guides that will provide legal professionals with essential information on organizing a deposition outside of the U.S. Optima Juris, the international deposition leader for the past 18 years, today released the “International Depo Guide: How to Schedule a Deposition in Germany,” a six-page PDF that provides…

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What’s the outlook for court reporting in 2018? Get the scoop with Optima Juris’ Live Coverage of the NCRA Firm Owners Conference Jan 28-30

Catherine Beeny / January 17, 2018

Optima Juris President and Founder, Ian Hardy is headed to the NCRA Firm Owners Conference January 28-30 in St. Pete Beach, Florida, and will be bringing you live coverage of conference highlights and events. You don’t want to miss this exclusive access and the chance to learn from industry leaders about what’s in store for…

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It’s Here: An Innovative New Resource for International Depositions,

Catherine Beeny / July 27, 2017

Legal professionals now have access to quick and reliable information on setting up a deposition in England when they need it. Optima Juris, the leader in international deposition services, is excited to unveil its latest country-specific website, This new online resource is the easiest way for a legal professional to get essential and accurate…

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Depositions in Japan – International Deposition Tips

Catherine Beeny / March 30, 2017

Japan has a few rules and restrictions on taking U.S. depositions in their country, but we have successfully set up depositions in Japan many times and we are here to help.  Our amazing Director of Scheduling and CSR, Kimberlee Castro, walks you through what you need to do to set up a U.S. deposition in Japan. Takeaway…

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Depositions in Taiwan: International Deposition Tips

Catherine Beeny / February 8, 2017

Do you need to set up a deposition in Taiwan? Ian Hardy, CEO & President of Optima Juris, explains how to get started. If you are a lawyer, paralegal, or legal professional looking to organize a deposition in Taiwan, you will want to watch this video. Takeaway Tips In general, you can depose willing witnesses…

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Become a part of the Optima Juris family

Catherine Beeny / February 3, 2017

Here at Optima Juris we specialize in one thing and one thing only, international depositions. Headed by court reporters and legal videographers, our company is run like a family instead of a big corporation. We have a great opportunity for court reporters and legal videographers looking to work and live abroad. Please contact us to find…

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International Deposition Tips: Depos in Australia

Catherine Beeny / November 23, 2016

In this segment of International Deposition Tips with Optima Juris, Ian Hardy, President of Optima Juris, walks you through the legalities for setting up a U.S. deposition in Australia. If you are a lawyer, paralegal, or legal professional looking to organize a deposition in Australia, you will want to watch this video. Quick Reference: U.S….

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STARCON16 Day 1 Recap

Catherine Beeny / November 7, 2016

He came, he saw, and he learned so much!  Optima Juris CEO and President, Ian Hardy, is back from STARCON16 after days of seminars and insight on technology and the court reporting industry.  In case you missed Ian’s extensive live coverage here is a recap of the Day 1 happenings. Creating a Culture of Gratitude, presented by Pat Carl & Ruth McCurdy The legal industry can be one of the most stressful…

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Live Coverage of STARCON16

Catherine Beeny / October 13, 2016

Are you ready for STARCON16?  This not-to-be-missed conference, hosted by the Society for the Technological Advancement of Reporting (STAR),  brings together the best minds in the court reporting industry for robust seminars and workshops on the development and advancement of technology.  As the driving force behind state-of-the-art court reporting technology, STAR provides a platform for members to present their ideas to product manufacturers in one united voice. And you can be…

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International Deposition Tips: First Step to Setting Up a Depo Outside the U.S.

Catherine Beeny / August 24, 2016

We are very excited to unveil our first video from our brand new video series, International Deposition Tips.  The entire Optima Juris team will be sharing insider tips, advice, guides, and information about international depositions in these quick and easy-to-view videos.  First up we have Optima Juris CEO, Ian Hardy, explaining the first step to…

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Video: How to Set Up a Deposition in Germany

Catherine Beeny / July 22, 2016

Global Deposition Expert and Director of Scheduling, Kimberlee Castro, explains how to set up a U.S. deposition in Germany with complete success and minimal stress. Although taking a deposition in Germany can have its challenges,  they are 100% possible and Kimberlee personally helps organize them all the time. About Us Optima Juris has been helping…

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Backstage at the NCRA Firm Owners Conference

Catherine Beeny / April 5, 2016

Every year court reporting executives come together to discuss innovation and the future of the court reporting industry at the NCRA Firm Owners Executive Conference. This is one of NCRA’s most prestigious events and the largest gathering of court reporting firm owners and managers in the world. Optima Juris President and Founder, Ian Hardy, will…

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Our Top April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

Our Top April Fool’s Day Office Pranks

Catherine Beeny / April 1, 2016

There is nothing we love more at Optima Juris than a good laugh with our co-workers. And nothing makes us chuckle louder than April Fool’s Day office pranks. Check out this list of our favorite office pranks and be sure to share them with your team. [youtube]eq2MuQWbBJ4[/youtube] [youtube]deoSfJOYrJQ[/youtube] [youtube]kbIL80b3NHg[/youtube] [youtube]GvplQbB02gc[/youtube] [youtube]RPh5QDKg63Y[/youtube] [youtube]gHvwR6rH8yQ[/youtube] [youtube]Ul26r2rbhE4[/youtube]   About…

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US Deposition in England

Optima Juris 2015 Year in Review

Catherine Beeny / January 19, 2016

It was another fantastic year for Optima Juris with depositions around the world, amazing clients, and lots and lots of fun. Check out what we got up to in 2015. Optima Juris has been helping law offices across the globe find the highest quality certified court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters for over 15 years. If…

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Giving to Charities | Optima Juris

Giving to Charities | The True Meaning of the Holiday Season

Catherine Beeny / December 10, 2015

The holidays are here and it is the perfect time to reflect on what this time of year is truly all about. While decorations, festive dinners, and non-stop shopping sprees are icons of the season, connecting with people is at the core of what makes any holiday special. Giving to those in need brings us all…

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Infographic: Insider's Guide to Depositions in China

Catherine Beeny / September 23, 2015

Are depositions in China possible?  We get asked this question all the time and while it may look impossible, you can get the deposition you need from a witness who resides in China.   Click on the infographic below to see our Insider’s Guide to Depositions in China and feel free to contact us with any questions you may…

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Optima Juris Deposition Highlights: Court Reporters in Montreal, Winnipeg, Calgary, Mexico City, Copenhagen, Singapore, Wroclaw, & Chennai

Catherine Beeny / September 16, 2015

We have the summer blues! Check out a few of the amazing places we visited this summer while providing the highest-quality deposition services: Court Reporters for a Multi-City Deposition taking place in Montreal, Winnipeg, & Calgary, Canada Court Reporter & Interpreter in Mexico City, Mexico Court Reporter & Legal Videographer in Copenhagen, Denmark Court Reporter…

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Infographic: Labor Day Fun Facts

Catherine Beeny / September 7, 2015

Optima Juris would like to celebrate this Labor Day with an appreciative thank you to all the hardworking lawyers, paralegals, secretaries, and countless legal professionals here in the United States and throughout the world. Enjoy the infographic below highlighting a selection of interesting & fun Labor Day facts. We would also like to thank all…

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3 Key Factors for a Successful Deposition in Germany

Infographic: 3 Key Factors for a Successful Deposition in Germany

Catherine Beeny / September 2, 2015

Planning a deposition in Germany can sometimes seem a little overwhelming. With all the rules and regulations it is easy to get lost in the mix. But have no fear! At Optima Juris we have been successfully organizing depositions in Germany for the past 15 years and we know what it takes to make a…

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Tipping Etiquette for International Depositions

Catherine Beeny / August 14, 2015

Awareness about the tipping customs in foreign locales can come in handy, especially when traveling for an international deposition.  While it’s difficult to cover the tipping etiquette of all countries in a single post, here are some we think you’ll find useful when budgeting for your next international deposition. AFRICA MOROCCO At restaurants 10% is…

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For Attorneys: Top 7 International Golf Courses

Catherine Beeny / July 16, 2015

After a long day of international deposition proceedings, it’s great to rejuvenate mentally with one of life’s many pleasures, golfing. Hitting the links is not only a proven stress reliever, but playing in majestically landscaped courses can provide an experience to retune all your senses. With 15 years of providing international deposition services, we know…

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Court-reporting-and-deposition-services-in-Seoul-South Korea

Optima Juris Deposition Highlights: Court Reporters in Seoul, Southampton, Mexico City, Jerusalem, Caceres, Hong Kong & London

Catherine Beeny / June 27, 2015

There’s never a dull moment here at Optima Juris! Check out a few of the amazing places we have visited recently while providing the highest-quality deposition services: Court Reporter & Legal Videographer in Seoul, South Korea Court Reporter, Legal Videographer & Conference Room in Southampton, United Kingdom Court Reporter & Conference Room in Mexico City,…

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