Attorneys, Legal Secretaries and Paralegals Rejoice: Optima Juris Releases ‘International Depo Guide: How to Schedule a Deposition in Germany’

This is the first PDF in a series of country-specific guides that will provide legal professionals with essential information on organizing a deposition outside of the U.S.

Optima Juris, the international deposition leader for the past 18 years, today released the “International Depo Guide: How to Schedule a Deposition in Germany,” a six-page PDF that provides instant access to information on setting up a deposition in Germany.  This comprehensive guide is a must-have for legal offices and offers easy-to-follow details, tips, checklists and additional resources.

This is the first in a series of country-specific PDFs to be launched by Optima Juris. Each PDF will focus on the rules and regulations and the most relevant and important information for organizing a deposition in that country. This is the first time such detailed information will be available in exclusive PDF guides, making international depositions even easier to organize for U.S. attorneys and paralegals around the world.
“We know how difficult it can be to get reliable information on organizing an international deposition when and where you need it. That is why we have assembled an easy-to-follow guide that you can have on-hand when the need for deposing an international witness arises,” announced Ian Hardy, Optima Juris president and global deposition expert. “Simply apply the steps in this guide and I guarantee you’ll feel like an experienced veteran.”
What You Can Find in “International Depo Guide: How to Schedule a Deposition in Germany“:

  • Essential info: rules and regulations, depo location restrictions, visa info
  • Germany depo checklist
  • How to swear in a witness abroad
  • Travel Info
  • Depo options

Optima Juris is pleased to share this industry-leading knowledge free of charge as a service to the legal community. As Ian Hardy explained, “There is no other resource like this. It is a must-have item for every legal professional.”
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