The Exciting Career of Court Reporting & Captioning (Infographic)

The 6th annual National Court Reporting and Captioning Week is here, and Optima Juris is excited to help spread the word about these amazing careers. We put together a simple infographic, so you can discover more about the field of court reporting and what it can offer.


What is the employment outlook for court reporters and captioners?

  • Job Security: Demand for court reporters and captioners will exceed supply by more than 5,500 positions over the next several years.
  • Earnings: Court reporters and captioners who work full time earn an average income of $60,000, with earning potential well into six figures.
  • Challenging Profession: Court reporting provides endless opportunities for those who master the art of typing characters precisely. But more than that, it’s a profession that rewards hard-working individuals focused on transcribing with speed, accuracy and ethics.
  • Flexibility & Options: Career paths are versatile and practitioners have options, providing structure for those who need it and flexibility to those who don’t. Here are a few ways in which court reporters are needed:
  • Domestic or international depositions

    Presidential speeches

    High-profile courtroom trials

    Corporate meetings


    Closed captioning for entertainment industry

    Communication access to those with hearing loss

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