Case Study: A U.S. court reporting agency needs a realtime reporter for depositions in Jerusalem, Israel

Optima Juris provides everything you need to depose a willing witness at your next deposition abroad. It’s no wonder that many U.S. court reporting agencies use Optima Juris. In our latest success story we helped our client set up a hassle-free deposition in Israel. Check it out:

Case Study: Jerusalem, Israel in Realtime


A U.S. court reporting agency needs a realtime reporter for depositions in Jerusalem. Their client doesn’t have the budget to fly someone in.


We have the best court reporters local to Israel. Realtime and video? No problem. We handled the deposition from start to finish and delivered the transcript and video on-time, with no travel charges. That’s one agency with satisfied clients.

Helpful Tips: What you need to know before arranging a deposition in Jerusalem, Israel

    We have locally-based court reporters for depositions in Israel, which means lower travel costs for you.
    Good news — taking U.S. depositions in Israel is permissible and in general, you can depose willing witnesses in Israel without any special formalities or involvement of foreign courts.
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