6 Successful Arbitration Stories From Around the World

Stenographers play an important role in international arbitrations by creating an accurate transcript of the proceedings. Transcripts can be used to clear up misunderstandings on the exact agreement reached and protect from further lawsuits.

Optima Juris has had the privilege of providing amazing stenographers and interpreters on many important international arbitration hearings.

Spanish-language stenographer in Miami, Florida

Realtime Spanish-Language Stenographer in Miami, Florida

For this ICDR international arbitration in sunny Miami, Florida, the arbitrators needed testimony to be taken in Spanish.  Optima Juris provided a specialized, REALTIME SPANISH-LANGUAGE STENOGRAPHER – one of the few in the world who is familiar with arbitrations. The arbitration went off without a hitch and all parties were satisfied.


Virtual Hearing in the Philippines

Virtual Hearing in the Philippines

In this major International Chamber of Commerce arbitration, involving large technology companies and a major petrochemical corporation, Optima Juris was pleased to provide one of its finest remote, realtime court reporter who took down the testimony in a series of virtual hearings. The challenge was providing flawless verbatim reporting, delivered in realtime to participants all over the world. Thanks to Optima Juris’s technological know-how and the quality of our arbitration reporter in Asia, this virtual arbitration was a success. Our remote, same-day delivery scopists worked alongside the reporter and final transcripts were delivered at the end of each day.


Large & Complex Testimony in Paris, France

Large & Complex Testimony in Paris, France

For this large arbitration taking place in Paris, Optima Juris provided one of its best Europe-based, realtime stenographers to participate in person. Over several days of complex testimony delivered by witnesses with heavy accents, our stenographer persisted and produced a flawless record. The clients were so pleased with the work that they states the following to the arbitral panel: “We would like to use this opportunity to personally thank Christine Myerly for her incredible work and the accuracy of the transcripts which made counsel’s task much easier.” Another international arbitration handled with aplomb by the finest stenographers in the business.


English & Spanish Realtime Stenographers in Panama City, Panama

This live arbitration hearing, spanning over several days in Panama City, Panama, presented a unique challenge which Optima Juris was called in to solve. The panel of arbitrators required a unique format which blended English and Spanish language testimony, simultaneously, during the same hearing. Optima Juris solved the problem by providing a team of two realtime arbitration stenographers – one, a Spanish-language stenographer, and another English-language stenographer. A team of Spanish to English arbitration interpreters with booths and technical setup was also provided to ensure simultaneous interpreting of the proceedings when necessary. The reporters switched back and forth as needed depending on the language being spoken, and remote scopists worked in the background to assure same-day delivery of the final transcripts (in English and in Spanish) to the entire panel of arbitrators. This one was a challenge but Optima Juris rose to the occasion to ensure that the hearings in Panama were successful.


In-person Stenographer & Interpreters in Rome, Italy

In-person Stenographer & Interpreters in Rome, Italy

In a complex, global technology dispute under ICDR arbitration, Optima Juris was called upon to provide a realtime arbitration stenographer, live, in beautiful Rome, Italy. We also provided a team of English<>Italian interpreters to ensure that the language translation for these hearings was perfectly done. The hours were long and grueling and the transcript had to be expedited, but our stenographer came through with flying colors. In the end, all parties were satisfied with the transcription and the hearings in Rome were considered a success by all involved.


Hybrid Live/Virtual Arbitration in Brisbane, Australia

In this hybrid live/virtual arbitration hearing, the witness and our realtime stenographer were based in Brisbane, Australia, while the attorneys and arbitrators participated remotely from the United States and Europe. Optima Juris was called upon to provide the location and technical solutions, as well as the very best arbitration stenographer in Australia to get the job handled. Although the parties were a bit unfamiliar with the virtual format, the hearings went off without a hitch and the written record was taken down flawlessly by our Australia-based stenographer. This hybrid virtual/live arbitration was a perfect success thanks to the careful planning and guidance provided by Optima Juris.

Catherine Beeny

Director of Marketing, Catherine Beeny, adds her unique style and background to the Optima Juris family. With a BA in English and MA in International Journalism, Catherine originally began as a coffee gopher on TV and movie sets at Paramount Pictures and Warner Bros. After falling in love with online marketing in 2002 Catherine took the leap over to the dark side and has never looked back. She has a true passion for what she does and loves being part of the Optima Juris team. The best part of her job is getting to see Optima Juris make international depositions a stress-free and seamless process!