Depositions in South Korea – International Deposition Tips

Are you an attorney, paralegal, or legal secretary who needs help setting up a deposition in South Korea? We have your back! In our latest episode of International Deposition Tips, Ian Hardy, President of Optima Juris, is excited to share his expert knowledge in setting up a deposition in South Korea.

Takeaway Tips

  • In general, you can depose willing witnesses in South Korea without any special formalities or involvement of foreign courts.
  • Depositions in South Korea can take place at the venue of your choosing, whether that be a hotel room, law firm office, conference room, or videoconferencing facility.
  • Optima Juris has region-based court reporters for depositions in South Korea, that means lower travel costs for you and your client.
  • Give yourself a minimum of 4 weeks to plan. The further you plan ahead, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to locate and book the right professionals for your deposition.
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About Optima Juris

Optima Juris is the only U.S. agency exclusively dedicated to international depositions. We have been helping law offices across the globe find the highest-quality certified court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters for over 17 years. If you should have any questions about international depositions, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out a free quote to see how we can make your international deposition a complete success.
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