7 Things to Know Before Traveling to South Korea for a Legal Deposition

Traveling to South Korea for a deposition? Get the most out of your visit by brushing up on Korean culture with these useful travel tips.

1. South Korea Passport and Visa Requirements

To enter South Korea, a passport valid for a minimum of three months is required by all nationals. Nationals of Australia, the USA and EU countries can stay visa-free in South Korea for up to 90 days, and nationals of Canada can stay for up to six months.

2. Transportation

Thanks to the country’s amazing public transportation system it’s incredibly easy and affordable to get around. When you arrive, pick up a T-Money card, which can be used on public subways. Taxis are just about everywhere and fares, which are calculated based on time and distance, are reasonably priced.

3. Staying in Seoul

With several options, hotel prices in Seoul range from modest business hotels to big-name chains. Many hotels usually advertise Western-style rooms, which typically means carpeting, a raised bed and a desk with a chair. Traditional Korean rooms will have Ondol, heating that comes from the floor, and furniture that requires sitting on the floor. Guests are expected to remove their shoes at the door and use the slippers provided.

4. Tech-Savvy Culture

South Korea boasts the world’s fastest internet speeds, up to 200 times faster than the average American household’s Internet. There are more mobile phones than people – the definition of a “wired-in” country.

5. Currency

Before you leave for South Korea, notify your bank, credit card company, or other financial institutions that you are going overseas. Avoid carrying cash and consider using major credit cards, they offer some of the best foreign currency exchange rates available to consumers, provided they waive foreign transaction fees. South Korea uses the South Korean Won, for more information on currency conversions visit XE.

6. Tipping is Optional

Despite the generally good service provided at restaurants – and everywhere, really, tipping is not required or expected. Cab drivers, hairdressers, porters and bellboys are certainly grateful for tips, but the culture is simply not practiced among Koreans. If you do decide to tip, the amount is entirely up to you.

7. Major Airport

As the planet’s leading airport, Incheon International Airport is highly efficient and modern.  Direct flights can be found from many U.S. cities including Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Honolulu, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington D.C. For flight times and routes check out this interactive map: XE

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