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Author: Kimberlee Castro

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4 Easy Tips for Setting Up a Deposition in England For 2023

Kimberlee Castro / December 5, 2022

With its close relations to the U.S. and sharing of a common language, it is no surprise that one of the most frequent requests I get is setting up a deposition in England. Luckily, England is one of the most accessible places to schedule an international deposition, and I have done so with success more…

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International Deposition Hotspots

Everything You Need to Know About Depositions in South Korea (Updated 2020)

Kimberlee Castro / November 23, 2020

Optima Juris has been scheduling depositions in South Korea for over 20 years. Before scheduling your deposition in South Korea, read through these important FAQs: Can I depose a willing witness in South Korea? Yes, but there are restrictions: Voluntary depositions of U.S. citizen witnesses may be conducted in South Korea, provided no compulsion is…

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Case Study: Deposition in France

Case Study: Multi-city, multi-day deposition in France

Kimberlee Castro / July 13, 2016

Here at Optima Juris we absolutely love helping our clients find solutions to difficult or challenging international depositions. We recently had a client who needed our help setting up several depositions with interpreters in two locations in France. Of course, we were more than ready to tackle the project. The Challenge: A pharmaceutical company needed…

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Deposition in India

Organizing a U.S. Deposition in India

Kimberlee Castro / July 30, 2015

India is an enormous and varied country with a plenitude of languages, culinary taste and history. As an emerging global powerhouse, India is on track to overtake China as the world’s largest economy by 2030, and projected to grow more than 30 percent in the information technology sector by the end of 2015. As India’s…

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The Insider’s Guide to Depositions in China

Kimberlee Castro / June 3, 2015

China is one of those countries where lots of questions about setting-up a depo frequently pop-up in my inbox.  Although not the friendliest to U.S. depositions taking place on their soil, there are a few ways to get the testimony you need from a witness who resides in China. 1. Basics in China Law Even…

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3 Key Factors For Successful Depositions in Germany

Kimberlee Castro / May 28, 2015

Although organizing depositions in Germany can have its challenges, we have found that by taking the right steps you can be sure to make it a success. Follow these basic guidelines and your next deposition in Germany will run as smoothly as it would in the U.S. Start Planning Early for Depositions in Germany If…

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Options for Deposing a Witness in Brazil

Kimberlee Castro / May 14, 2015

When most people think of Brazil they think of beautiful beaches and the colors of Carnival.  When I think of Brazil I think of tricky depositions and creative thinking. Brazil currently forbids the taking of depositions for use in U.S. courts.  Although this can sound like a no win situation there are options to getting…

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