A Regional Guide to Depositions in Latin America

Latin America Parties to the Hague Evidence Convention

Costa Rica
Full List of the Hague Evidence Convention Parties

Countries That Require Visas

If a visa is required, obtain it from the appropriate foreign consular representative before proceeding abroad. Allow sufficient time for processing your visa application especially if you are applying by mail. Most foreign consular representatives are located in principal cities and in many instances a traveler may be required to obtain visas from the consular office in the area of his/her residence.
When you’re checking with a South American consulate, check into the requirements for health records. You may need to show your HIV/AIDS status, inoculations and other medical records.
Foreign Consular Offices in the United States
Visa Requirements for U.S. Citizens

Tips & Advice

Carry some cash.
While credit cards are accepted throughout Latin America, cash is still king when you are absolutely in a bind. While we aren’t saying to be a walking ATM, do have several hundred dollars on you just in case.
Get your paper work straight.
Do make sure everyone has a passport. Do make sure everyone has a visa if applicable. Do check the embassy rules as they are constantly updated. Also, see what items are included in your travel package (insurance, tipping, forms, etc).
Be a smart traveler.
Before heading overseas:
Organize comprehensive travel insurance and check what circumstances and activities are not covered by your policy.
Register your travel and contact details, so someone can contact you in an emergency.
Tipping Rules
To tip the cabbie, round up. For a typical ride, round up about 5-10 percent. If the cabbie hauls your bags and zips you to the airport to help you catch your flight, you might want to toss in a little more. But if you feel like you’re being driven in circles or otherwise ripped off, skip the tip.
Restaurant tips are more modest in Latin America than in the U.S. In most places, 10 percent is an acceptable tip. If you eat in a local place tips will be unexpected but highly appreciated

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Electrical Requirements
Detailed List on Voltage Requirements
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