Virtual Tour of Switzerland’s Enchanting Regions

It’s the perfect time for a virtual visit of one of the most enchanting places on earth – Switzerland.

Typically, thousands flock to Switzerland each year to enjoy its beautiful landscapes filled with dramatic mountains, clear blue lakes, premium chocolate, and picturesque towns. Let’s virtually journey through some of these stunning locations Switzerland has to offer.

International Deposition Hotspot #6: Switzerland

Scheduling an International Deposition in Switzerland

Here’s what you need to know – While taking U.S. depositions in Switzerland is permissible, all voluntary depositions are subject to prior authorization by the Federal Department of Justice and Police. Foreign requests must be addressed to the central authority of the canton where the evidence is to be taken or where the person to be deposed is located. To speed up the process, Swiss authorities recommend that you send a copy to the Federal Office of Justice, International Private Law Unit, 3003 Bern, Switzerland. Please contact us to learn more.

Covid-19 Remote Depositions Options for Switzerland

Remote depositions allow you to conduct your depo without the cost or hassle of traveling to the witness in Switzerland.

There are two options for conducting your remote deposition:

  1. Court Reporter with the Witness – One of our local court reporters will travel to the location of the witness and capture a verbatim record of the proceeding while the attorneys attend remotely.
  2. Court Reporter NOT with the Witness – The witness, court reporter, and attorneys are all in separate locations. Our certified and trained court reporters will capture a verbatim record of the proceeding using our state-of-the-art technology from a remote location.

Check out our Covid-19 International Deposition Planning Tool to obtain up-to-date country restrictions for travel, workplace, and gatherings.

Languages & Interpreters in Switzerland

Does your witness in Switzerland need an interpreter? Switzerland is the world’s only country where there are four national languages. These include French, Rumantsch, German and Italian.

When deposing a witness who speaks a foreign language, the accuracy of your record depends on the interpreters you have at your disposal. In the legal process this leaves very little room for error.

We Are Here To Help

Don’t task just any company to provide vital deposition and interpreting services. Trust the name with over 20 years of experience providing certified court reporters, legal interpreters and videographers for top international law firms. Our unbending standards of quality are second to none. We are your go-to resource for any questions about setting up an international deposition and we love showing off our knowledge so don’t be shy about connecting with us.