What’s in store for Captioning & Court Reporting in 2019?

Get exclusive access to the latest court reporting, captioning and legal videography news from Optima Juris’ live coverage of the 2019 NCRA Business Summit, February 1-3.

Optima Juris President, Ian Hardy, is headed to the NCRA Business Summit on February 1-3 in San Diego, California, and will be bringing you event highlights live on Optima Juris’ social media channels. You won’t want to miss any of the action and the chance to hear directly from industry leaders.

Agenda Highlights

This year’s summit has expanded its educational focus with robust content, actionable takeaways, and many networking opportunities.  It will feature business-focused education and access to professional speakers and panelists who will inspire business development and help bolster court reporting companies into the future.

The Business Summit will feature keynote speaker Eunice Carpitella, a professor at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, presenting the workshop, Guts, Grit and Glory. At the core of this workshop, is the practical idea that simple shifts in our routine patterns of interaction and mindset make it possible for business leaders to include, engage, and unleash everyone in solving problems, driving innovation, and achieving extraordinary outcomes.

We are extremely excited to be attending this year’s Business Summit and can’t wait to share conference highlights with all of our fans.

For full agenda details please visit the NCRA Business Summit Schedule here.


Go to this year’s NCRA Business Summit Keynote Speaker list here.


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