Spotlight: Meet Walter Chiriboga, our Exclusive U.S. Court Reporter in Mexico

The Optima Juris family is growing and we are very excited to introduce you to our latest team addition, Walter Chiriboga. Walter is a retired United States Marine, die-hard Yankees and Jets fan, and a U.S. court reporter based in Mexico. As a certified court reporter with over 19 years of experience, Walter will be working exclusively with Optima Juris on all U.S. depositions taking place in Latin America.
Walter was born in New York and grew up on Long Island. He started his court reporting career in January of 1995 after finishing his tour in Desert Storm. He was looking for a career path when he came across an advertisement in a local paper for court reporting schools. Walter said, “I didn’t know anything about court reporting and of course in those days we were still using paper and ink machines.”
Walter attained his RPR (Registered Professional Reporter) certification in 1997 and had a long and successful court reporting career of over 16 years in New York. Then, in 2013, he got married and moved to Mexico. Walter said, “Before I moved to Mexico I trained to be an English teacher as I thought my court reporting career was done, but I was happily mistaken.” Walter found that there was a steady demand for U.S. court reporters in Mexico and Latin America and he jumped at the chance to put his skills and expertise to work.
Optima Juris’ Global Deposition Expert and fellow Court Reporter, Kimberlee Castro said, “Walter is a wonderful addition to our team. He has the drive and quality we look for in court reporters, along with the expertise of working in Latin America. His knowledge of the region is a huge asset to our clients.”
By partnering exclusively with Walter, Optima Juris has become the go-to source for covering U.S. depositions in Latin America. As a deposition agency that has a local court reporter based in the region, we are able to provide huge savings to our clients, along with one-of-a-kind knowledge and expertise. We are very proud to have Walter as a part of our ever-growing team.

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