International Depositions: What are Your Options? (Updated 2020)

Thanks to much better Internet connectivity worldwide and the rise of web-based video conferencing programs, many new options have arisen for conducting international depositions. Although it is always best (and highly recommended) to have all parties present with the witness for the most reliable and clearest record, there are several different cost effective approaches that can also be taken.

Below we have put together a quick reference guide of different options for international depositions along with their advantages and drawbacks.


Attorneys, court reporter, videographer, & interpreter travel to the location of the witness
– Ideal scenario
– Clearest record
– No technical issues
– Travel costs

REMOTE DEPOSITION – Court Reporter WITH the Witness

Attorneys participate remotely. Court reporter, videographer, & interpreter are with the witness.
– Clearest record
– Little to no travel costs
– Some travel costs may incur for the court reporter if the witness is in a distant location
– Remote connections can have technical issues

REMOTE DEPOSITION – Court Reporter NOT WITH the Witness

Attorneys, witness, and court reporter participate remotely from different locations.
– Cost effective with no travel costs
– Our court reporters specialize in remote depositions and can get the clearest record
– Depositions can happen even with witnesses in difficult to reach locations
– Remote connections can be prone to pauses, interruptions, and/or connection lost due to network issues.

For the best and clearest record we always recommend that the Court Reporter, Videographer and Interpreter be physically present with the witness.

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss which solution is best for you based on your requirements and budget!

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