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International Deposition Blog

International Deposition Tips: Depos in the UK

Karen Fahr / September 21, 2016

It’s another segment of International Deposition Tips with Optima Juris. This week, Kimberlee Castro, Director of Scheduling and Global Deposition Expert, shares her helpful tips and knowledge on setting up a U.S. deposition in the United Kingdom. This is a must watch for all lawyers, paralegals, and legal professionals looking to organize a deposition in the…

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International Deposition Tips: First Step to Setting Up a Depo Outside the U.S.

Catherine Beeny / August 24, 2016

We are very excited to unveil our first video from our brand new video series, International Deposition Tips.  The entire Optima Juris team will be sharing insider tips, advice, guides, and information about international depositions in these quick and easy-to-view videos.  First up we have Optima Juris CEO, Ian Hardy, explaining the first step to…

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Court Reporters for International Depositions

International Depositions: 3 Tips Every Organizer Should Know

Karen Fahr / August 2, 2016

Are you ready to pull your hair out trying to figure out how to plan a U.S. depo in another country? Rest assured that international depositions happen all the time and organizing one can be a simple, stress-free process. Simply follow these three essential tips and you can have a tidy and successful deposition abroad – benefiting your clients and your bottom line. Tip 1: Plan ahead Planning an international deposition requires time. We recommended giving yourself a four week leeway.  Of course, it’s…

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Video: How to Set Up a Deposition in Germany

Catherine Beeny / July 22, 2016

Global Deposition Expert and Director of Scheduling, Kimberlee Castro, explains how to set up a U.S. deposition in Germany with complete success and minimal stress. Although taking a deposition in Germany can have its challenges,  they are 100% possible and Kimberlee personally helps organize them all the time. About Us Optima Juris has been helping…

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Case Study: Deposition in France

Case Study: Multi-city, multi-day deposition in France

Kimberlee Castro / July 13, 2016

Here at Optima Juris we absolutely love helping our clients find solutions to difficult or challenging international depositions. We recently had a client who needed our help setting up several depositions with interpreters in two locations in France. Of course, we were more than ready to tackle the project. The Challenge: A pharmaceutical company needed…

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Brexit not expected to affect US depositions in the United Kingdom

Brexit Not Expected to Affect US Depositions in the United Kingdom

Karen Fahr / June 27, 2016

Just days after Britain voted to leave the European Union and shocked the world, the Brexit vote continues to create havoc on global markets as the value of the pound tumbled. The Bank for International Settlements said there is likely to be a “period of uncertainty and adjustment” in the aftermath of Britain’s decision to…

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Day One: 2016 NCRA Firm Owners Conference

Day One: 2016 NCRA Firm Owners Conference

Ian Hardy / April 17, 2016

After a long day of travels I have made it to beautiful San Juan, Puerto Rico for the 2016 NCRA Firm Owners Conference. The event, which is designed exclusively for owners and managers of court reporting and captioning firms, is being held for the first time in the Caribbean, and I have zero complaints about…

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