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International Deposition Blog
Access Our Legal Professional’s Guide to Preparing a Deposition in Mexico

Access Our Legal Professional’s Guide to Preparing a Deposition in Mexico

Karen Fahr / April 18, 2018

Whether you’re an attorney, paralegal, or legal professional needing to schedule a deposition in Mexico for the first time or just brushing up on the rules and regulations, our International Depo Guide for Mexico is the perfect tool for you. This easy-to-use guide covers frequently asked questions, tips on how to swear in a witness…

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Infographic: 5 Things to Know Before Planning a Deposition in Mexico

Karen Fahr / April 3, 2018

Planning your first international deposition in Mexico? Search no further! Mexico allows depositions of willing witnesses, regardless of the witness’ nationality. In our latest infographic, we cover the five things you need to know before planning a deposition in Mexico. 5 Things to Know Before Planning a Deposition in Mexico Deposition Restrictions. The good news…

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Success Story- !Viva La Deposicion!- Deposition in Mexico City

Success Story: !Viva La Deposicion! Deposition in Mexico City

Karen Fahr / March 27, 2018

Optima Juris is committed to helping our clients and friends of the legal community find the perfect solutions to their international deposition needs. In a recent request, we were contacted by U.S. attorneys needing to depose witnesses in Mexico. Here’s how our firm helped arrange the successful depos in Mexico City. Case Study: Mexico City,…

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IWD18: Championing the Women of Optima Juris

Karen Fahr / March 8, 2018

The women of Optima Juris are taking the opportunity to celebrate International Women’s Day 2018 by sharing their career achievements to raise awareness and forge a better working community. We asked the women who work at Optima Juris to tell us a little more about their careers, what they are proud of, and what inspirational…

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Infographic: How to Successfully Organize a Deposition in Canada

Karen Fahr / February 27, 2018

If you are organizing your first deposition in Canada or just brushing up on what you can or can’t do, this is the perfect place to start. Our expertly crafted infographic covers everything you need to get started on scheduling a deposition in Canada. Scheduling a deposition in Canada is very straightforward, and here’s what…

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