Paralegals & Legal Secretaries: 5 ways to turn your desk into a stress-free zone

You’ve already been at the office for hours with no breaks. Your boss is requesting the latest documents of an important case, and your phone is ringing off the hook – sound familiar? There’s no way around it, being a paralegal or legal secretary is stressful which can be taxing on the mind and body.
With so many adverse health risks of prolonged desk sitting, you can eliminate some of that brain fog, anxiety, poor posture and low energy with five mind-boosting techniques right at your desk.

1. Focus on your breathing

Sounds simple right? But, can you remember the last time you closed your eyes, tuned out the world, and just focused on your breathing? Simple breathing techniques can help you de-stress, and lower blood pressure, heart rate and cortisol (stress hormone) production.
Breathing technique: Sit up straight in your chair, uncross your legs, close your eyes, lay your hands on your lap, and focus on steady breathing in and out for 2-minutes. Use your smartphone to track your breathing time.

2. Superhero pose

What better way to kill stress with your very own superpower pose? A study published in Psychological Science in 2010, found that standing in a superhero pose before a daunting task can make you feel confident, more powerful and help you perform tasks better. So, stand tall and head to your next meeting with stress-free confidence.
Superhero pose technique: Stand tall, legs spread shoulder width apart, arms on hips, elbows bent and lift your head high for 3-5 minutes.

3. Mood Boosting Music

It’s time to get those headphones out and start listening to your favorite playlists at work. According to the Mayo Clinic, music can have positive effects on the body, ranging from reducing feelings of physical pain to boosting memory. If you have a little privacy at your desk why not jump up and get those hips moving too!
Music listening tip: Pandora and Spotify are great online streaming music platforms that offer both free and paid subscriptions for your listening pleasure.

4. Yoga moves that won’t scare your coworkers

To combat the adverse health effects of prolonged desk sitting, try doing some friendly, non-embarrassing yoga moves at your desk. No only will you stretch out those sore muscles in your neck and back, but your mind will benefit from the blood flow with an energy boost.
Yoga hip flexor stretch technique: Sit up straight, lift your left leg and place your ankle on top of your right knee, lean forward and hold for 15-30 seconds. Repeat with the right leg.
Yoga torso stretch technique: Sit up straight, spread legs hip width apart, place your left arm to the outside part of your left knee, and twist your torso using your chairs arm to help you get a good stretch. Your eyes should focus on the ground behind you. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat on the other side.
Yoga sitting-warrior technique: Scoot forward on your chair, spread legs hip width apart, clasp your fingers behind your back and roll your shoulders back. Lift your chin up to the sky and fill the stretch in your arms, back and neck. Hold for 15-20 seconds and repeat.

5. Download a stress relieving app

Everyday there is new ways for technology to help simplify our lives. So, it isn’t surprising to find thousands of apps dedicated to stress relief. If you love technology you might want to check out a highly ranked app on your smartphone or tablet in the app store.
Stress relieving app:
If you like Acupressure try the Heal Yourself app, designed to help you locate the body’s acupressure points for self-massage and stress relief right at your desk or home.  Price $1.99
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