Optima Juris Review of International Depositions in 2014

For Optima Juris 2014 was filled with depositions in amazing locations, stellar reviews, fantastic clients, and a lot of fun. We have worked on depositions in every corner of the globe and connected with some superbly talented people. Best of all, and most important to us, we have helped our clients make their depositions abroad a complete success.
Here is a very small handful of Optima Juris reviews and highlights from 2014:
Court Reporter, Legal Videographer & Videoconference Room
“ It has been such a pleasure working with you. You are absolutely the best!! Your work is so impressive. I will have to refer to you as the miracle company.”
– Bessie B., U.S. State Department of Justice
Court Reporter & Legal Videographer
“Thanks for all your help with all of the depositions. You guys have been fantastic.”
– Penny A., International Law Firm
Court Reporter & Interpreter
“Thank you for your speedy service! You were super and I have already made recommendations to forward to your firm our first requests for any international work.”
– Marietta K., U.S. Court Reporting Agency
Court Reporter & Interpreter
 “Our court reporter was punctual and a pleasure to work with. Thank you for helping us get this together on short notice. I appreciate her flexibility to make it work in one day.”
– Bill Z., U.S. Law Firm
Court Reporter
“ The Reporter was very, very good! Many thanks.”
– Earl B., U.S. Attorney
“The communications were great.   My biggest thank you goes out to you for the way our needs were met in such a prompt manner, last minute. You met our needs and exceeded our expectations. Made the booking a service from another continent as stress and hassle free as possible!”
– Amy, U.S Court Reporting Agency
Court Reporter
 “Thanks so much! You are so fast and efficient! I LOVE WORKING WITH YOU!”
– Cheryl B., U.S. Court Reporting Agency
Here at Optima Juris, we are happy to facilitate all your international deposition requests and questions. Let us know about your deposition needs today: feel free to request a quote or contact us at any time.