Optima Juris International Deposition Highlights: Court Reporters in Switzerland, British Virgin Isles, Hong Kong, Italy and France

Optima Juris has had a busy start to 2014! Here is a quick look back at just a few of the amazing places where we recently provided deposition services:

  • Court Reporter, Legal Videographer and Interpreter in Zurich, Switzerland
  • We just booked a depo in Zurich, Switzerland! Reporter, videographer, and interpreter. Beautiful city!

  • Court Reporter in British Virgin Isles
  • Finishing up a depo in the British Virgin Isles today. Not a bad way to beat the winter blues.

  • Court Reporter in Hong Kong
  • We just finished a big US deposition in Hong Kong. Our local court reporter there provided 3-day expedites.

  • Court Reporter and Interpreter in Forli, Italy
  • A deposition successfully wrapped up in Forli, Italy. Court reporter and interpreter provided.

  • Video Conferencing in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • We just provided video conferencing facilities in Rio, Brazil for a Canadian court case!

  • Court Reporter in Uppsala, Sweden
  • Just completed a deposition in Uppsala, Sweden. A bit cold this time of year, but fun!

  • Court Reporter and Legal Videographer in Paris, France
  • Setting up a deposition in Paris with court reporters and legal video

Optima Juris is an international deposition agency. Contact us for information about depositions in every region and country in the world. We are always happy to help with any questions. You can also check out the Info Center page on our website for more news and information on traveling, conducting, and organizing international depositions.

By Lheld1023 (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons