Optima Juris International Deposition Highlights: Court Reporters in Finland, Germany, Peru, Canada, England, Singapore, Spain & Thailand

Here is a twitter look back at just a few of the amazing places where we recently provided deposition services:
Court Reporter & Video Conference in Helsinki, Finland
Just provided a court reporter and videoconferencing in Helsinki, Finland!
Real Time Court Reporting in Frankfurt, Germany
Just finished a big international arbitration in Frankfurt, Germany. Realtime service of course!
Videoconferencing Facilities & Interpreter in Lima, Peru
Booked! Videoconferencing facilities and local interpreter for a remote depo in Lima, Peru, for a major US law firm.
Legal Videographer in Ontario, Canada
Optima Juris to the rescue! Provided a local legal videographer in Ontario, Canada, for US agency.
Court Reporter & Legal Videographers in London, UK, and Berlin, Germany
Completed a multi-city deposition in London, UK, and Berlin, Germany. Court reporters & Legal Videographers provided.
Court Reporter & Interpreter in Singapore
More work in Singapore! Our Singapore-based court reporter and interpreter did a great job.

Court Reporter & Legal Videographers in Barcelona, Spain

Set-up a depo in sunny Barcelona – . Ton saved on travel costs w/ regional providers
Court Reporter & Legal Videographer in Phuket, Thailand
Just provided a and for a US deposition in Phuket, Thailand – beautiful area!
Optima Juris is the international deposition agency. Contact us for information about depositions in every region and country in the world. We are always happy to help with any questions. You can also check out the Info Center page on our website for more news and information on traveling, conducting and organizing international depositions.

Ian Hardy

Ian Hardy is an internationally-recognized Global Deposition Expert and President of Optima Juris, the world’s first and only agency specialized in deposition services for U.S. legal matters abroad. With over 20 years of experience organizing depositions throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania, Ian is a leading expert in global deposition consulting and services.