Just Launched: Court Reporter Germany (courtreportergermany.com), by Optima Juris

This exclusive website is tailor-made for the busy legal professional of today, offering the most comprehensive instructions, videos, insider tips, advice, and travel information available for depositions in Germany

Optima Juris, the international deposition leader for the past 17 years, continues to innovate the global deposition market with its groundbreaking launch of courtreportergermany.com. This one-of-a-kind website is designed specifically for legal professionals looking for quick and easy access to information on how to set up a U.S. deposition in Germany. With step-by-step instructions, videos, insider tips, advice, and travel information, courtreportergermany.com is the most comprehensive and complete resource available online for attorneys setting up depositions in Germany.
“We know how difficult it can be to get reliable information on organizing a U.S. deposition in Germany. Most websites only offer generic or scant information that doesn’t relate to Germany specifically. That is why we launched courtreportergermany.com. This easy-to-follow website takes you through the entire process and answers all the most-commonly-asked questions” said Catherine Beeny, Director of Marketing for Optima Juris.
The website is the first in a series of country-specific websites to be launched. Each website will focus on the rules and regulations and the most relevant and important information for organizing a deposition in that country. This is the first time such detailed information will be available in exclusive websites, making international depositions even easier to organize for U.S. attorneys and paralegals around the world.
“We hear from our clients all the time about how stressful organizing a deposition in another country can be and we wanted to help. After seeing such a lack of quality information online, we knew what we needed to do,” stated Ian Hardy, Optima Juris CEO and founder. “We feel this will revolutionize the game for lawyers needing quick and detailed info, as well as guaranteed results, when setting up international depositions.”

About Optima Juris

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