How to Look Good While Traveling for an International Deposition – Part 2

In Part 1 of our article “How to Look Good While Traveling for an International Deposition” we went over how to prepare for your flight and what you should wear. But what about when you are on the plane? Check out our in-flight tips on how to look and feel your best when traveling for an international deposition.

Skin Care While In-Flight

Looking refreshed when you step off a plane means you have to take care of your skin while traveling. Airplanes have stale air circulation which can dry out your skin.

  • The Essentials
    Bring hand cream, face cream, hydrating mist, and lip balm with you on the plane. Just be sure they are all less than 3.4 ounces so you can get through security.
  • Face
    For fresh skin on the plane you need to moisturize more frequently than you would at home.  Apply a cream or hydrating mist to keep moisture in and your face glowing.  For long-haul night flights, wear a moisturizing face pack suitable for the evening. In the morning, simply wash it off in the bathroom and apply some moisturizer.  Your skin will thank you for it.
  • Hands & Legs
    Hands and legs get very dry on the plane, which make them dry and itchy, and have a not so attractive scale-like appearance. Load up on cream every once in a while to banish scaly looking skin when you get off the plane!
  • Lips
    Your lips will be the driest out of anything on your face so remember to take lip balm and give your lips some much needed love.
  • Drink Plenty of Water
    Drink plenty of water on the plane and try to avoid salty airplane snacks.
  • Say No To Puffiness
    If you start to notice swelling under your eyes due to the changes in air pressure whilst flying, ask the flight attendant for a cup of ice. Wrap a single ice cube in a tissue or napkin and dab gently under the eye where the puffiness is.  After a minute or so the swelling will be reduced.

Smell Like a Daisy

  • Bring travel wipes and freshen up in the airplane restroom to keep that clean smell.
  • Carry breath mints to freshen your breath and brush teeth to get rid of built up gunk.
  • Don’t smoke before your flight. The odor will linger all over you and irritate your fellow passengers and you’ll arrive smelling stale.
  • Try to avoid alcohol. It will dehydrate your skin and leave you with stinky breath and skin pores.
  • Take along your favorite scent. Spritz yourself with a little of it at journey’s end to freshen yourself. Do this after your get off the plane as a courtesy to your fellow passengers with sensitive noses.

Hopefully these tips will keep you looking beautiful even after a 20 hour plane flight!
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