2019 NCRA Convention and Expo Post-Event Wrap Up

We’re back from a very memorable 2019 NCRA Convention and Expo. The speakers, the panels, and the remarkable amount of information made for an unforgettable event.

The 2019 NCRA Convention and Expo was a jam-packed weekend that included many notable highlights, including, a keynote talk with Erin Brockovich, informative seminar on International Depositions hosted by our very own Ian Hardy, and the Denim & Diamonds Gala.

Weekend Highlights

Friday, August 16, 2019

International Depositions 101

Ian Hardy hosted an interactive seminar on international depositions for court reporters and legal videographers interested in adding international depositions to their service list. Some major highlights Ian covered included advantages in covering international depositions, top countries where depos happen and an interactive group exercise on planning jobs abroad.

Intersteno with Tori Pittman

Very interesting information and a great opportunity for international court reporters who love travel.Intersteno aims to provide an international forum to all people who work as professionals, are interested or study to become professionals in one or more of the domains of its activity. 

Every two years, Intersteno holds a Congress in which members participate in seminars, excursions, networking events, and competitions. The seminars and competitions are usually held in a school of some kind, whether it’s a college or a secondary school. Gala events may or may not have other locales. And excursions could be anything from a walking or cycling tour to a bus tour of the host city or local area. Some past locations of the Congress have been: Paris, Berlin, and Budpaest. It is a great opportunity to tour the courts and legislative assemblies of the host countries.

Saturday, August 17

Flying Fingers Panel

The Flying Fingers panel was presented by Stacey Donison, Linda Hallworth, Jason Meadors, Heidi Thomas and Leah Willersdorf.

The panelists highlighted their unique journeys towards the career of international court reporting and recommendations on what equipment is essential to take on an international depo.

Ian even took a break from the hustle and bustle of the conference to enjoy a few quick innings of a Rockies game.

Denim & Diamonds Gala

Ian enjoyed the Denim & Diamonds Gala to close out the NCRA Convention & Expo 2019. Truly a beautiful evening. Congrats to NCRA President-Elect Christine Phipps and NCRA President Max Curry! A beautiful welcome and speech by Max. We’re very happy to have you on board as President of the NCRA.

Overall, the weekend was fantastically planned, and fabulously executed. Thank you, NCRA!

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