The Ultimate Guide to Organizing a Deposition in Hong Kong (Infographic)

If you are organizing your first deposition in Hong Kong or just brushing up on what you can and can’t do, this is the right place to start. Our expertly crafted infographic covers just about everything you need to get started on organizing a deposition in Hong Kong.

The Ultimate Guide To Depositions in Hong Kong

Deposition Restrictions. The good news — taking U.S. depositions in Hong Kong is permissible and in general, you can depose willing witnesses in Hong Kong without any special formalities or involvement of foreign courts.

Deposing a Willing Witness. If your witness is willing to appear voluntarily at his or her deposition, you can simply conduct the depo by 1) noticing the deponent in advance, and then 2) allowing the court reporter to administer the oath by stipulation of counsel for all parties.

Depo Venue. Depositions in Hong Kong can take place at the venue of your choosing, whether that be a hotel room, law firm office, conference room, or videoconferencing facility. If you choose to use a U.S. consular officer you will need to make reservations several weeks or months in advance in order to book their limited conference facilities.

Plan Early. Give yourself about 4 weeks to plan. The further you plan ahead, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to locate and book the right Hong Kong-based professional for your deposition.

Hint. Don’t forget the time difference. For Asia, it’s already tomorrow – that means you can already be a day behind.

Options: Attending your depo in-person or remotely. Thanks to much better internet connectivity worldwide and the rise of web-based video conferencing programs, many new options have arisen for conducting international depositions. Although it is always best (and highly recommended) to have all parties present with the witness for the most reliable and clearest record, there are several different cost effective approaches that can also be taken. We highly recommend reading our blog article, International Depositions: What Are Your Options to see which choice best fits your firm.

Getting Locally-based Deposition Court Reporters. The final key for a successful deposition in Hong Kong is finding the perfect deposition services for your firm. A locally-based court reporter or depo team means little to no travel costs for your clients. Plus, they can provide an expertise that can’t be duplicated. It’s a win-win situation!
Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss which solution is best for you based on your requirements and budget!

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