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deposition and hearing services in Mexico Country

Taking Voluntary Depositions of Willing Witnesses in Mexico (Updated for 2024)

Ian Hardy / October 27, 2023

Understanding voluntary depositions in Mexico: A guide for lawyers and paralegals As a lawyer or a paralegal, you may encounter cases where you must schedule a deposition with a witness residing in Mexico. The good news is that conducting a voluntary deposition in Mexico is possible and more straightforward than you might think. With proper…

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Success Story- !Viva La Deposicion!- Deposition in Mexico City

Success Story: !Viva La Deposicion! Deposition in Mexico City

Karen Fahr / March 27, 2018

Optima Juris is committed to helping our clients and friends of the legal community find the perfect solutions to their international deposition needs. In a recent request, we were contacted by U.S. attorneys needing to depose witnesses in Mexico. Here’s how our firm helped arrange the successful depos in Mexico City. Case Study: Mexico City,…

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