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Court Reporting in Spanish

Case Study: Spanish-speaking Court Reporter

Court Reporting in Spanish for an Arbitration in Panama

A leading court reporting agency contacted us, desperately searching for a Spanish-speaking court reporter for an international arbitration in Panama City, Panama. The court reporter had to be extremely high-level, experienced, and able to work in both English and Spanish if needed. In addition, 15 realtime connections, with iPads for each connection, were requested at the hearing location in Panama. We contacted our highly-experienced Spanish-speaking court reporter and set everything up for the client in record time. The arbitration was a success!


As CEO of Optima Juris, I guarantee that you will be getting the highest quality deposition and arbitration services abroad. We stand by our services 100% and most importantly, we take away the anxiety of scheduling a Spanish-speaking stenographer.

Ian Hardy
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Optima Juris’ 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee *

At Optima Juris we are committed to providing you with the very best deposition and arbitration services abroad without the stress or hassle. We guarantee that your Spanish-speaking court reporter will show up on-time, where instructed, and that the results (transcript, video, interpretation, etc.) will be at the same level you would expect when conducting a deposition or arbitration in your home town in the States. If that’s not the case, we’ll refund you fully for the defective service, no questions asked. This guarantee is subject to limitations, exclusions, and conditions as outlined in our terms & conditions.


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