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Remote Depositions

Conduct your deposition anywhere in the world

Remote depositions allow you to conduct an international deposition without the cost or hassle of traveling to the witness.

There are two options for conducting your remote deposition:

  • Court Reporter with the Witness – One of our local court reporters will travel to the location of the witness and capture a verbatim record of the proceeding while the attorneys attend remotely.
  • Court Reporter NOT with the Witness – The witness, court reporter, and attorneys are all in separate locations. Our certified and trained court reporters will capture a verbatim record of the proceeding using our state-of-the-art technology from a remote location

How Remote Depositions with Optima Juris work

Optima Juris provides a certified court reporter who specializes in remote depositions:

  • Optima Juris will take care of all the logistics, including: scheduling, finding locations, equipment, and fulfilling international requirements.
  • Our concierge-level ZOOM conferencing and support, including set up, test call before the deposition, and coordination between all parties, so you don’t have to stress about it.
  • And an Optima Juris technician will monitor your connection and offer real-time assistance during your deposition to ensure that everything works.
  • Our local reporters are familiar with the local accents and dialects.
  • Reporter will ensure that your verbatim record is being captured in accordance with the rules and regulations of the witness’ country


remote depositions by optima juris

Why you’ll love working with Optima Juris

We will assign the perfect international deposition team for your depo abroad.

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We'll Handle the Heavy Lifting

You will be assigned a dedicated international deposition manager to take care of everything from start to finish. They will listen to what you need, provide you with the best deposition personnel based on your requirements anywhere around the world.
court reporting services worldwide by Optima Juris

Unbeatable Local Knowledge

Optima Juris has spent over 20 years building an extensive network of court reporters, legal videographers and interpreters. Our deposition personnel's deep knowledge of local customs and conditions will help protect you from needless complications, while saving you time and money.
court reporting services deposition services worldwide

All Your International Deposition Needs in One Place

No matter in which country or city in the world, we provide the same top-quality court reporting services where ever you may need them. Just let us know what you need, and we will make it happen.

There is no more stressful job in the world of court reporting than the calendar/scheduling department. Kimberlee is a real pro and has always come through for us when we’ve needed her at Regal Court Reporting to help with our international depositions.

Isaiah Leslie Regal Court Reporting
Isaiah-Leslie-Regal Court Reporting

I wanted to thank you and your team for an outstanding job. You were incredibly responsive and helpful in arranging a deposition halfway around the world in the face of short notice and scheduling challenges related to drastically different time zones. We truly appreciate it.

Michelle Brockway Clark Hill Strasburger

I wanted to express my gratitude for all Kimberlee Castro did to organize our three-day Taiwan event. She had much to do before and after, often late at night or even the middle of the night. I did enjoy working with Kimberlee and getting to know her. She truly lives up to her title of global deposition expert! You are lucky to have her.

You guys have been great. We have had a really good experience with you on this firm’s first international depo.

Howard Berkson Boston Avenue Law PLLC

Thank you so much Kimberlee. It was so great to speak with you, you were very helpful. Thank you for creating such an awesome website resource for legal professionals.

Melissa Fann Dinsmore

I could not have hand-picked a better team for these depositions. It was a source of great distress to have a team of unknown individuals who were confirmed at the last minute but this turned out to be a Godsend. Not only were they good, they were fun to work with, so much so that there were hugs and pictures at the end. Just an awesome experience.

David Salem U.S. DOJ
United States DOJ

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