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Middle East

Regional Resource For Depositions in the Middle East

There are a surprising number of U.S depositions which occur every year in the Middle East, the most popular destinations by far being Israel, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The United States has important business and military relationships with many countries in this region, and as a result litigations can often require witnesses to be deposed there. Organizing depositions in the Middle East can range from being very easy to near impossible, depending on the country, so be sure to contact us to ask about your specific country of focus.

Travel Tips

The largest hub for flights in the region is Dubai, from where you can reach virtually any point in the Middle East. After Dubai, Doha and Abu Dhabi also have good intercontinental connections. Tel Aviv is served by flights from most Western countries, though due to the political situation, it is not possible to fly from there to anywhere in the Middle East besides Egypt and Jordan. However, there are direct flights from large European hubs to most major cities in the region.

Parties to the Hague Evidence Convention from the Middle East

1. Israel

2. Kuwait*

3. Morocco

For a full list of all members: http://www.hcch.net.

*Non-member states

Security Issues

Stay away from obvious trouble zones. The U.S. State Department’s worldwide travel alert advises people to say away “from mass gatherings and demonstrations.” Don’t go to riots to gawk and be aware of local customs and patterns; in Syria, Yemen, and Bahrain, protests have often taken place after Friday prayers. Follow curfew rules and keep your passport close. Be flexible and change your itinerary if an area gets hot.


Each country in the Middle East has its own national currency. We recommend using ATMs to withdraw local currencies, or if unavailable, reputable local currency exchanges.

Useful Links

The U.S. Department of State website can give you a quick overview of the official rules on taking testimony of willing witnesses in specific countries in the Middle East.

U.S. Consulate: