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Latin America

Regional Resource For Depositions in Latin America

Latin America is an important destination for U.S depositions, particularly in countries such as Mexico, Panama, El Salvador, Colombia, and Costa Rica. It is important to note that Brazil, a major economic powerhouse of the region, restricts U.S depositions in most cases – please consult the U.S Department of State website for additional details. Due to the large amount of trade between the two countries and immigration flow, Mexico is probably the most popular country in this region for deposing witnesses. Be sure to ask us should you have any questions about a specific country.

Tips and Advice

Safety in Latin America
Traveling in Latin America is generally safe but some cities are considered safer than others for visitors. It’s a good idea to check with your embassy in that country to be aware of any areas you should avoid. Keep in mind that many places that once had a bad reputation, like Colombia, are workin hard to rebuild trust.

Passports and Visas
You will need a valid passport to travel to Latin America. Each country will have different requirements for entry and may require a visa in advance and/or a reciprocal fee.

Latin American Parties to the Hague Evidence Convention

1. Argentina

2. Colombia*

3. Mexico

4. Venezuela

For a full list of all members:

*Non-member states


Generally speaking, it is not advisable to try to acquire Latin American currency before you travel. We recommend using ATMs to withdraw local currencies, or if unavailable, reputable local currency exchanges.

Credit cards are widely accepted to make payments in larger hotels, better restaurants, souvenir shops and stores, and to obtain cash advances.

Our advice to clients is the same as that which we follow ourselves when traveling: for most destinations in Latin America, it is easiest to take a mixture of cash (US dollars or euros, which can be exchanged for local currency) and credit/debit cards (as many different cards as possible, in case of any problems).

Tipping Rules

To tip a cab driver, round up about 5-10 percent.

Restaurants tips are more modest, 10 percent is an acceptable tip. If you eat in a local place tips will unexpected but highly appreciated.

Useful Links

The U.S. Department of State website can give you a quick overview of the official rules on taking testimony of willing witnesses in specific countries in Latin America.

U.S. Consulate: