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Regional Resource For Depositions in the Caribbean

The Caribbean is an extremely diverse region, and U.S depositions take place there often, particularly on islands with extensive offshore banking industries. There are local court reporters based in many of the English-speaking islands, and some have experience taking U.S depositions – please feel free to ask us for additional details. In general, taking depositions in the Caribbean is a relatively easy process and there are fewer restrictions here than in many regions. Still, it’s important to do your homework and to check carefully into the situation in your particular country of focus. We’re always glad to assist with country-specific questions.

Traveling in the Caribbean

Accommodation: Hotels cost from around USD $159 per night in the off-season to USD $400+ during peak travel times. Actual rates will vary.

Food: Prices vary considerably depending on which island you are on, with a casual meal in Aruba costing USD $30 and USD $10 in the Dominican Republic.

Transportation: Bus services are inexpensive, rarely more than USD $0.50 to $3. On islands without a bus service, a taxi may be the only form of transport with fares of USD $15 for even a short journey.

As for Uber, it operates in limited countries and can sometimes be more expensive than a taxi.

Stay Organized

Make sure you have all of your travel documents in order and secure in a safe but accessible place. This includes a valid passport, driver’s license, airline tickets and/or boarding passes. A pocketbook or outside pocket of your carry-on bag is ideal, since you’ll need easy access at the airport and upon arrival at the hotel. Also, be sure to pack copies of prescriptions for medications, which should be carried in their original containers.


There are a number of currencies serving multiple territories; the most widespread are the East Caribbean dollar (8 countries and territories), the United States dollar and the euro.

Caribbean Parties to the Hague Evidence Convention

1. Barbados*

For a full list of all members: http://www.hcch.net/

*Non-member States

Useful Links

Health Warnings: The Caribbean typically has a healthy environment with a clean water supply, however the U.S Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does recommend that visitors to certain islands get up to date on their immunizations before you leave home. The Zika virus is a hot topic of late, to find out more before you travel, please visit the CDC’s Zika Virus page.

U.S. Consulate: