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YES! You can schedule court reporters for
depositions or arbitrations in Germany


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Do you need a court reporter for a deposition or an arbitration?

International Arbitrations in Germany

Visit our Arbitration Resource page to find out more on scheduling a court reporter for an international arbitration in Germany.

U.S. Depositions in Germany: What you need to know

Before you schedule a court reporter in Germany, learn more about the rules and regulations regarding U.S. depositions in Germany.


Are there any restrictions on holding a U.S. depo in Germany?


Taking U.S. depositions in Germany is permissible. However, depos must take place on the U.S. Consulate ground in Frankfurt.


Can depos in Germany take place at any venue (hotel, conference room, etc.)?


All U.S. depos in Germany must take place on the U.S. Consulate grounds in Frankfurt. The consulate has limited appointment slots and may require extended lead times. Conference room plus consular fees in Frankfurt may exceed $1000/day. For more deposition options click here.


Does a U.S. passport holder need a visa to enter Germany?


U.S. passport holders may enter Germany for up to 90 days for tourist or business purposes without a visa.


Are there local court reporters for U.S. depositions in Germany?


Optima Juris has region-based court reporters near Germany, which means limited travel costs for you.


Can Optima Juris help me set up my depo?


We will take care of all the tricky logistics so you don’t have to stress about the details.

Expert international court reporting services in Germany

Optima Juris has everything you need for a successful deposition or arbitration in Germany. We work with elite court reporters and legal professionals to make sure your deposition or arbitration is in the right hands.

International Court Reporters - Optima Juris Court Reporting Agency
Germany-based court reporters

Our trusted court reporters have extensive international experience, along with the know-how to get the job done with the highest-quality results.

International Court Reporting - Remote Deposition Services Worldwide
Remote & Virtual Depositions

Videoconferencing and Internet connections are currently not allowed within the US Consulate grounds, but you can conduct a remote deposition by having your witness travel to a nearby deposition-friendly country.

International Court Reporting - Remote Arbitration Services

Optima Juris provides reliable and experienced stenographers for arbitrations in Germany. Remote options are available.

International Court Reporters - Optima Juris Court Reporting Agency
Legal videographers

Legal videographers trained in the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so you can be sure that your video record will be taken in a manner consistent with your jurisdiction’s requirements.

International Court Reporters - Optima Juris Court Reporting Agency

Internationally-accredited language professionals with deposition experience and unbending standards of quality.

The only guide you need for setting up a depo in Germany

Our experts have created a complimentary guide every lawyer, paralegal and court reporting agency should read. The International Depo Guide for Germany is a 6-page PDF that covers frequently asked questions, tips on how to swear in a witness abroad, best options for deposing a witness remotely, a user-friendly checklist, and travel tips.


Options for attending your deposition or arbitration in person or remotely

Thanks to better Internet connectivity worldwide, many new options have arisen for conducting a deposition or arbitration anywhere in the world. Below is a reference guide of the different options for your deposition or arbitration in Germany.

Attending Deposition In Person

Attorneys, court reporters, legal videographers, witnesses and/or deposition interpreters travel to U.S. Consulate in Frankfurt, Germany.

Typically this an ideal
scenario to get the clearest record and you are less likely to encounter technical issues.

Travel costs and consulate fees can add up quickly.

Moving Deposition To Nearby Country

If you are under time constraints and don’t have six weeks ahead of time to plan, moving your deposition outside of Germany to a neighboring country is a good way to expedite.*

U.S. deposition friendly countries like Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland, or Italy are less restrictive than Germany and travel is relatively hassle-free in Europe.

Some additional travel costs if your witness has to travel to a neighboring country.

Remote Deposition in Nearby Country

Attorneys participate remotely. Court reporter, videographer, and interpreter physically present with the witness in a nearby deposition-friendly country.*

Having the court reporter present with the witness is ideal for the clearest record. You can save on travel costs by having the attorneys participate remotely.

Remote connections can be prone to pauses, interruptions, and/or connection lost due to network issues.

This option will only work for depos taken outside of the US Consulate, as videoconferencing and Internet connections are currently not allowed within the US Consulate grounds.

*For the best and clearest record we always recommend that the court reporter, videographer and interpreter be physically present with the witness.

As CEO of Optima Juris, I guarantee that you will be getting the highest quality deposition services abroad. We stand by our services 100% and most importantly, we take away the anxiety of scheduling an international depo.

Ian Hardy
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Optima Juris’ 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee*

At Optima Juris we are committed to providing you with the very best deposition services abroad without the stress or hassle. We guarantee that your court reporter and deposition team will show up on-time, where instructed, and that the results (transcript, video, interpretation, etc.) will be at the same level you would expect when conducting a deposition in your home town in the States. If that’s not the case, we’ll refund you fully for the defective service, no questions asked. This guarantee is subject to limitations, exclusions, and conditions as outlined in our terms & conditions.


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