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Deposition Interpreters

Locally-based deposition interpreters for your international depositions

When deposing a witness who speaks a foreign language, the accuracy of your record depends on the interpreters you have at your disposal. In the legal process this leaves very little room for error. Don't task just any company to provide such an important service. Trust the name with over 17 years of experience providing quality interpreters for top international law firms. Our unbending standards of quality are second to none.

Why Optima Juris is unique

  • First and only U.S. firm exclusively dedicated to depositions outside the U.S.
  • Deposition services with a 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee *
  • Accurate quotes, no surprise or hidden fees
  • Global Deposition Experts with over 17 years of experience to help you through the entire process
  • Custom quote to fit your exact deposition, arbitration, or examination needs
  • We love to help! Ask us anything.