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International Court Reporters

Our international court reporters are the most experienced in the world in getting the record straight.

We have certified court reporters around the globe - Paris, Hong Kong, London, Singapore, Israel, Dubai, the Caribbean, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Germany, Canada... the list goes on. Our goal is to assign the closest possible court reporter to your deposition, so that you save money on travel - period.

Our International Court Reporters Can Be Contracted for:

  • Attend events that require written transcripts
  • Record spoken dialogue with specialized equipment, such as covered microphones
  • Report gestures and actions
  • Review notes for names of speakers and technical terminology
  • Prepare transcripts for the record
  • Edit transcripts for typographical errors
  • Provide copies of transcripts and recordings to the courts, counsels, and parties involved.

International Court Reporters for U.S. Depositions and U.S. Courts

Our court reporters, stenographers, and transcribers are English-native professionals who specialize in U.S. depositions, international hearings and arbitrations abroad. They ensure accuracy, attention to detail, and a special understanding of regional accents and dialects. Our legal professionals strive to offer service that goes above and beyond your expectations.

International Court Reporting Service Testimonials

"We used this service to present testimony from our expert witness at a commercial arbitration in Hartford, Connecticut, when he was called to London on an emergency business trip. It was a very positive experience that went off without a hitch. No doubt this testimony from an expert thousands of miles away contributed to our victory."

-- E.K., Attorney

"This was basically a "last minute" deposition that got scheduled and our every need was met to get this accomplished quickly. THANK YOU!"

-- J.F., Paralegal

Questions? Email us: depos@optimajuris.com