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Optima Juris:
The International Deposition Agency

A Dedicated Team of International Deposition Professionals

Experienced: Local knowledge in all regions

Save Money: Local reporters = no traveling costs

On-Call: Always ready when needed

International Court Reporters: Experienced, professional and accurate

Our trusted court reporters have international deposition experience and the ability, knowledge and know-how to get the job done with the highest quality results.

Experienced: Court reporters who specialize in all regions of the world

Certified: CSR & BIVR reporters for the U.S. court system

Savings: Using local resources means no costly traveling expenses

Legal Video: Local resources for international video depositions

Get access to best local legal videographers in all regions of the world. All our videographers are trained according to the U.S. Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, so you can be sure that your video record will be taken in a manner consistent with your jurisdiction's requirements.

Professional: We only use the best local legal videographers in every region of the world

Safety: All videographers use backup systems when filming

Formats: U.S. video standards, ensuring perfect compatibility for playback

Professional Interpreters: Trained for international depositions

The best internationally-accredited language professionals for your deposition. We employ select, experienced professionals with proven track records, so that your record is crystal-clear for judge and jury.

Proven: Our interpreters must pass a quality assurance check

Trained: We only use interpreters experienced working on depositions

Languages: We have interpreters for all common languages

Video Conferencing: Depose foreign witnesses from the U.S.

We work only with certified, superior-quality providers. You can rest assured that you will have the very best for your videoconference and deposition needs.

Fast: Easy online booking and payment system

Worldwide: Over 4,500 locations throughout the globe

Reliable: 99.99% webcasting success rate

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