Optima Juris | Meet the CEO

Meet the CEO

International depositions require attention to detail and international savvy, traits that just happen to describe Optima Juris Founder and CEO.

Ian Hardy: President and Global Depo Expert

Ian Hardy is an internationally-recognized Global Deposition Expert and President of Optima Juris, the world's first and only agency specialized in deposition services for U.S. legal matters abroad. With over ten years of experience organizing depositions throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and Oceania, Ian is a leading expert in global deposition consulting and services.

Ian's expertise has made him the go-to source for understanding the issues and requirements for successfully arranging depositions outside of the U.S. As a valued and active member of the international legal community, Ian regularly consults for law firms, domestic reporting agencies, and in-house legal departments on how to successfully set up and conduct legal depositions globally. He proudly serves over 70% of the world's leading law firms, and looks forward to continuing to expand his growing base of satisfied clients.

Ian is here to help! He wants every member of the legal community to achieve success when setting-up a depo in today's rapidly globalizing world. So don't be shy: get in touch with him today!