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About Us: Optima Juris' Story

As an agency entirely dedicated to providing deposition services outside the U.S., Optima Juris has become the number one source for organizing international depositions.

It all began in 2000 with an innovative vision: a U.S. based firm exclusively dedicated to arranging depositions outside of the U.S. From this simple concept Optima Juris was born.

Today Optima Juris has become much more than just a court reporting agency. Our constant striving for perfection in the way we provide international deposition services—court reporters, legal videographers, interpreters, and conference facilities—has led to new and exciting ways to better serve our customers. Above all, our aim is to provide our clients with a hassle-free and joyful experience that will have them singing our praises.

We believe in serving the legal community, and that is why we will never charge for access to our knowledge and experience in arranging international depositions. You can turn to us as a dependable source of knowledge and information.

Our Mission

At Optima Juris, our mission is simple: provide our clients with access to the highest quality international deposition services through a seamless and hassle-free process. We carry this vision through to every aspect of our business. Our Global Deposition Experts will work endlessly to address all of your questions and concerns. Our dedication and commitment to service is unbending. No matter where your international deposition will be, we're there to give you the best expert guidance on how to save money and ensure success.

Why Optima Juris is unique

  • First and only firm exclusively dedicated to depositions outside the U.S.
  • Deposition services with a 100% Peace of Mind Guarantee*
  • Accurate quotes, no surprise or hidden fees
  • Global Deposition Experts with over 17 years of experience to help you through the entire process
  • Custom quote to fit your exact deposition needs
  • We love to help! Ask us anything.

Want to find out more? Need help with your deposition abroad? CONTACT US today and one of our Global Deposition Experts will be happy to assist you with all your questions and concerns.