Case Study: Deposition in France

Case Study: Multi-city, multi-day deposition in France

Here at Optima Juris we absolutely love helping our clients find solutions to difficult or challenging international depositions. We recently had a client who needed our help setting up several depositions with interpreters in two locations in France. Of course, we were more than ready to tackle the project.

Deposition in France

The Challenge:

A pharmaceutical company needed to schedule depositions in two cities, Versailles and Montpellier, over 7 days. The judge only spoke French and the client needed a same day turnaround on roughs and finals.

Our Solution:

We quickly mobilized our Europe-based court reporter, videographer, and two interpreters to cover all of the proceedings. The team worked quickly and efficiently to deliver same day roughs and finals over the 7 days. The deposition was a multi-tracked success and everything went off without a hitch.

About Us

Optima Juris has been helping law offices across the globe find the highest quality certified court reporters, legal videographers, and interpreters for over 15 years. If you should have any questions about international depositions, please do not hesitate to contact us or fill out a free quote to see how we can make your international deposition a complete success.

Kimberlee Castro

Kimberlee Castro

Global Deposition Expert at Optima Juris
Kimberlee Castro has over 14 years of experience in the legal industry and is currently a Global Deposition Expert with Optima Juris. As a certified court reporter herself, Kimberlee offers a unique and original viewpoint for solving complex deposition logistics abroad. Always staying on top of the latest trends and topics, Kimberlee has the most up-to-date information and data on setting up a deposition for every region of the world. Kimberlee is personally available to answer any of your questions and will make setting up your deposition, arbitration, or hearing a much more manageable process. With her friendly and personable attitude, Kimberlee is the perfect liaison to handle all the complexities that come along with an international proceeding! Let her show you how easy she can make it.
Kimberlee Castro